Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On Feminism

Yesterday, I attended a seminar dealing with the feminist movement. As a matter of fact, it was an account of how the movement appeared and which were the causes that led to its appearance. I consider that feminism was needed in the past in order to give the woman the status of a human being which she had been denied. It appeared that there was a MAN's evolution but no WOMAN's evolution. So it was the right thing to do to start a campaign for women's rights. Definately, women should enjoy the same rights as men do.

What started as a fight for equal rights ended up in a grotesque clownage where HUMAN BEINGS try to outcry one another. Now it is not about equal rights, but it is about who is more powerful or superior. This is rediculous! I am sorry to disappoint anybody but women are not equal to men the way men are not equal to women. This is biologically impossible. Psychologically there is a devision of roles in ANY couple, and it depends on the temperament of each partner what role he/she will have.

Feminism has become a false ideology. Now the women enjoy the same rights as the men do. So it is ridiculous to bring forth statiscs telling that there are more male politicians than female ones. Why not take into account the possibility that there are women who are not interested in it? Why start another brainwashing campaign telling what is best for a woman. Let each person decide for him/herself what is best for her/him.

I think that people should focus on more important issues, as for example: domestic violence, discrimination, juvenile delinquency, drug addiction etc. And let everybody get equally involved into finding solutions to these problems and not arguing over who is superior to whom.

This is my point of view and I have the RIGHT to express it. I do not contradict anybody and I do not want to offend anybody, I merely "think therefore I exist".

I hope that I would be understood correctly.

At the end I'd like to quote Paulo Coelho: "Feminism was a nightmare. Women lost this feminine side by trying to be feminists. I'm totally against this. I think that we are different genders, so we have to get the best of ourselves. Having said that, women are much open to love and intuition, and we men need this."

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The "Misunderestimated" President.

Bush was the laughing-stock of the whole world. This did not happen because the world was hostile towards the 43rd president of the USA. The cause is to be found in the latter's clowning around. When he left the office, it was a terrible loss for those who collected bushisms. Thus, Ceorge W. Bush has secured his place of honor in linguistics as his famous slips of the tongue came to be labeled as bushisms.

His "powerful" oratory compelled me to make a power point presentation of his memorable mispronouncements. It was presented at a linguistic seminar under the heading: "Linguistic Fun". I enjoyed working on this presentation and it was very inspiring for my students who had a good laugh. But above all, the presentation was inspiring, they did not wnat to make similar mistakes in their speech as they don't want to be laughed at.

If you doubt Mr. Bush's ability to be extremely "eloquent" or if you miss his eloquence, here is a compilation of his famous bushisms.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Black History Month Project

Black History Month arouses a lot of controversy. Some speak of the importance of having such a month whereas others oppose it.

Black History Month Project was meant to challenge the students to get to the core of this delicate issue. They were asked to do their own research so that at the end they could express their personal opinion.

The outcome consisted in the fact that the students got a better understanding of the significance of this month. However, their views diverged: some expressed their support for this remembrance month, while the others considered it to be irrelevant nowadays.

The project was done in black and white which was supposed to represent the present-day harmonious coexistence of the Black and White races.

The students were interested why namely the month of February was chosen to honor great representatives of the African diaspora. The choice of the month was due to the birthdays of two key figures in the fight for the abolition of slavery: Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. This made me think of an activity which would involve both creativity and concrete historic data. Thus, the students were asked to take an imaginary interview from Abraham Lincoln. They should think of two questions they would like to ask the 16th president of the USA. The third question took into consideration the modern context and said: "Mr. Lincoln, what do you think of the 2008 presidential elections and of the 44th president of the USA?" Then the students were supposed to think of possible answers. In this way several important events were mentioned, i.e. The Gettysburg Address, The Emancipation Proclamation as well as some information concerning the president's political career and personal life. This was a proof that the students had done some research before answering the questions.

There was made a parallel between Langston Hugh's poem Dreams and Martin Luther King Jr's famous speech I Have A Dream. Thus, we came to the conclusion that Black History is a history paved with dreams.

At the end, the students were asked to "have their say" and express their opinion whether there is still the need to have such a month.

I enjoyed working on this project as it enabled me to see how students perceive the Black History Month. Besides, it appears as a way of combining creativity with specific information.