Monday, April 6, 2009


'Like people like government" said Carlyle and he was right. Probably we do not deserve a better future. We managed to convince ourselves that evil is what we merit, and here we are drowning in the same muck. Moldova, this is our destiny. Do not dare to hope for better. You do not deserve it!!! If the whole world is striving for a CHANGE Moldova is sticking to its fatalism which is a 'deadly adversary'.

The country was on the verge of an abyss. Congratulations, we are now at its bottom and I'm sorry I do not see any light here. It is terrible how we sentence our children to life darkness. We deprive them the right to live in a democratic country as they do not deserve a better future too.

I cannot help complimenting the communists who have managed to brainwash the people to such an extent that they forgot why they have brains in their heads.

But I know that deep down in her heart Moldova is not red!!! Simply forgotten.

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