Monday, September 21, 2009


It is extremely important to have such a day in our world divided by wars and fights. We should aspire to change this world in a never-ending peace-day. It is high time to find the language of understanding and tolerance, and to let aside the language of vain ambitions. Why can't people co-exist peacefully? Why is it so difficult to find a compromise? We are all humans, we breathe the same air, we cherish basically the same things (under different names), why shall we fight? Why not enjoy life together? Why not wonder at the miricle of life together? Why destroy the miracle of life? It is amazing to be the only ones to have brains to think and act according to instincts.

The poster I made for the students was meant to make them reconsider their values and beliefs. At leat now they are aware that such a day exist. I asked them: "How can they contribute in order to change the situation?" There is no such answer as: "It's impossible". Remeber: "Charity starts at home". Everything starts from within. And peace comes from within. We are teachers, we are to educate the value of PEACE.

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