Friday, October 9, 2009


Dispite the hostilities existing between me and the person who is in charge of this project I love working with those kids. They are wonderful!!!!!!!!! In addition the girls I'm working with are wonderful as well!!!!!!!!!! They did their best. I really enjoy working with them for the kids. They seem to understand what I want from them and they also come with great ideas.
However, this week was tiresome. Remeber the magic box? I bought at my own expense 20 notebooks (special thanks to Rafel who also made a contribution) and made a special design for the kids. I think they loved it. The lesson dealt with school supplies. The vocabulary was well chosen. We tried to involve all the four skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. The kids met a new character: Sylvia (thanks to the girls they had the possibility to visualise her). They wrote in their special notebooks.

Here are some more photos from our lesson:

Who Is Sylvia?

The Magic Box:
The Work With the New Vocabulary:
Reinforcement of the New Vocabulary:
Grammar Focus: Special Questions
Cartoon Time!!!
Thouth it is extremely difficult to do all this amount of work, it is very rewarding when you see the kids reaction. In fact, they keep me going as I feel I would betray them if I gave up.

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