Saturday, October 10, 2009


Yesterday I went to the local School for Orphan Children to both supervise and take part in a class. It was wonderful. The kids were great, the girls I trained were great. I think it was a success.

We thought that our first lesson should be dedicated to autumn. We began our lesson with a surprise element: the magic box. The kids were supposed to ask Yes/No questions in order to find out what was there. The level of English is not that good (they are in the 5th grade) so we constantly helped them. They found out that the magic box contained leaves. Each student got one. The leaves were red, green, and yellow. We grouped the kids according to the color of their leaves.

Then we introduced ourselves. Thanx to Eminen we got the kids. We chose the rhythm of "My nane is, My name is, My name is Vicky". They loved it and they did it with pleasure.

We had some matching activities. The students prepared colorful handouts. The kids loved them. We were constantly moving and encouraging them to talk.

We used a ball to make the learning of the vocabulary more fun. Thanx god, we avoid breaking the vase from the teacher's desk. Other games we used were: the bingo game, word play.

The hit of the lesson was the drawing moment. Each kid picked up a word from the new vocabulary they learned and went to to the black board to draw it on the paper we brought. They loved it. I hope I'll have the possibility to post the pictures we took there.

The kids were sorry to part with us and they asked us to come next Friday too. So we are looking forward to a new adventure. Next time I'm thinking to deal with school, but i won't tell you what we will have in the magic box this time :)

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