Friday, October 23, 2009


It was fun just like usual only tiresome. This is the worst side but the positive side is that it is a great experience. As I'm used working with grown-up kids, getting into contact with 5th grade-students is a real challenge. I made a big discovery it's the same fun. What can I do: teaching is my cup of tea!

My biggest problem is that I'm a BIT forgetful, yet even with this handicap I managed to do everything I planned. My girls are the best (one laughed that this is what I always tell, Can't help it, Helen, this is the truth). Each has her own individual style but they all are very responsible and like what they are doing. I think their attitude should be inspiring for many teachers.

It's difficult to deal with kids, they are noisy, naughty, but at the same time they are very receptive. They can inspire you, they can make you reconsider many things. The only thing you should have is PATIENCE!

This Friday's topic was HOLIDAYS. I thought it's a good continuation of the previous material and a wonderful preparation for HALLOWEEN! Indeed, up till now we covered AUTUMN, SCHOOL, and FRIENDSHIP. So I thought it would be nice to speak about the holidays Americans celebrate in autumn to which they might invite their friends. This lesson was meant to arouse cultural awareness in the pupils' bright minds minds. As usual, we were ready with interesting activities and when I say "interesting", believe me, I'm being modest.Wonderful handouts and posters just like the previous times.
Do you know what holiday was on October 21?
Rediscovering America. The Young Columbuses.

Our boat casts off.Sailing to the port of HALLOWEEN.

The work with the new vocabulary
(wonderful song, a must see)
Knock, Knock. Treack or Treat?
Singing Together
We're going to Eurovision!Mark - the mummy
Group WorkThanksgiving in NovemberCartoon Time!!!


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