Friday, October 16, 2009


This time it was difficult. I don't know but I felt tired. However, we tried and did our best. The girls I worked with were great just like usual. They did everything I wanted and came with wonderful ideas. It's a pleasure working with them. This time we focused on friendship. We sang, danced and, of course, STUDIED. There's always something to learn from those kids and I hope there's something in our meetings that will stay with them forever.

Grammar Focus: Fill In the Right Form of the Verb "To Be"
Let's Sing Together

:) "We did our homework!" :)

Friends at School
The Friendship Crossword
The Friendship Spidergram
Our Friends' Faces

Dou you recognize yourself?

The Magic Box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can come under my umbrella!

An accident happened during our "You can come under my umbrella" moment. One of the kids broke my umbrella. Definately I was "devastated" and I liked the girls' optimism, they said: "Don't worry, a friend will take you under his/her umbrella". It was real fun!!!!!!!!!!

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